Ex-Customs official denies Duterte’s corruption allegations

A former Bureau of Customs (BOC) official denied Tuesday the corruption allegations made by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte, on his televised press briefing aired Tuesday, dropped the name of the lawyer and former chief of staff of the BOC Teodoro Jumamil, calling him “very corrupt” and “balasubas.”

“I deny that I am engaged in corruption. I cannot say anything in my defense, except a general denial,” Jumamil said in a phone interview with GMA News Online.

“The best persons who could attest to my character are the heads of the BOC, General Guerrero, and the chairman of the Board of Directors of DBP, former Senator Romulo,” he added.

“I cannot give you anything beyond that because anything I would say is subserving. All I can say is I deny that, and just ask the chairman Romulo of DBP and General Guerrero, so they can attest to my character as a public servant and as a person,” the lawyer said.

The President questioned Jumamil for holding two positions, one in Customs, and one in Development Bank of the Philippines.

“Napaka-corrupt niyan. Di ko maintidihan bakit dalawa [ang posisyon], board member ng DBP tapos nagtatrabaho sa Customs,” Duterte said.

“I have to name him publicly. Ano ba tawag sa iyo…p*****ina, balasubas ka,” Duterte said of Jumamil.

The President added the ex-BOC official expects favors from him just because Jumamil helped him in the past.

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Ex- official denies Duterte’s corruption allegations

“Ang mahirap sa iyo, sa panahon ko, you took advantage… maybe because you helped, you want me to close my eyes,” he said.

“I am considering replacing you, not because of anything but I do not entertain loyalties in government. If the idiot will destroy you, you destroy him first,” Duterte added.

Jumamil did not make a comment on the appointment issue, explaining the matter is currently pending before the Court of Appeals (CA).

“In so far as the appointment is concerned, that is sub judice. That is the subject of a petition with the Court of Appeals,” he said.

“It’s pending with the third division of the Court of Appeals, and therefore I cannot give you a comment on the validity of my appointment as DBP Director and Attorney V of the BOC. It’s sub judice, so I cannot comment on that,” he added.