CPP vows it will not block vaccine deliveries

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) yesterday promised that the New People’s Army (NPA) will not attack the COVID-19 vaccine deliveries.

Marco Valbuena, Information Officer of the CPP, promised that the transportation of COVID will be safe to pass through its forts and covered territories.

“It is a matter of principle for the NPA to respect all humanitarian undertakings that benefit the masses,” said Valbuena.

But he called for the government not to use AFP military vehicles, especially unmarked and with armed soldiers because it is said that the AFP will lure them into military operations under the guise of COVID restriction operations.

Valbuena added that the use of military vehicles is not good in convincing people to get vaccinated, especially in areas where residents experienced abused from the military.

Even today, according to Valbuena, farmers fear that the vaccination drive will be used against the insurgency and that they will be forced to surrender before being vaccinated.

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CPP vows it will not block vaccine deliveries

The CPP further suggested that if the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Philippine Red Cross or any civilian humanitarian agencies could carry out transportation, distribution, and vaccination itself, especially in remote areas because they would have the training and facilities for it.

“Non-Red cross vehicles that will be used as Covid-19 vaccine transporters must be clearly and properly marked with a red cross over white background,” the CPP official said.

Earlier, President Rodrigo has appealed to the communists not to block the COVID-19 vaccines that would be delivered to remote areas of the country.

Duterte said the Communist Party of the Philippines must ensure that vaccines are not intercepted.

“I am appealing to the Communist Party of the Philippines, ‘yung pinaka-umbrella, I don’t consider ‘yung mga NDF-NDF pati NPA. The Communist Party of the Philippines must guarantee that the vaccines in the course of their — being transported to areas where [there] are no city health officers or medical persons na huwag ninyong galawin ang medisina,” Duterte said.