COVID-19 violence: man beaten while giving free masks in Iligan City

A man who only wanted to help amid the COVID-19 crisis experienced violence after a group of drunk men beat him while he was giving free masks in Iligan City, Tuesday.

The victim was identified as Jun Bado, who sustained injuries in the head and eyes. He also had bruises, and his hand was broken after the drunk men mobbed him in Barangay Hinaplanon.

Bado said he just wanted to help, so he made and gave the free face masks in the said barangay. He said he would not file a case against the suspects.

The police meanwhile advised those who will distribute help to coordinate with the barangay officials for safety and security assistance.

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COVID-19 violence

A healthcare worker in also experience violence after a group of five men splashed bleach on his face while he was to buy food.

Ritchie Estabillo is heading to in St. Louis Hospital, where he was working as a utility staff. A patient Under Investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 previously died at the said hospital.

Five men in the store noticed his uniform is for St. Louis Hospital’s personnel. Estabillo was about to leave when the suspects suddenly splashed bleach on him.

Estabillo was able to drive to the hospital where his eye trauma was treated immediately.

He is already recovering from his serious injuries, which, if left untreated, can easily result in permanent damage to his vision.

St. Louis Hospital condemned the attack against Estabillo. According to Dr. Vanessa Joy del Muro, head of Infectious Disease Control Committee of the hospital, the victim’s life was put to danger because of discrimination.

“Our personnel is a breadwinner, as many of our are, who in the present pandemonium, chose to bravely continue their duties to the community. At this time, we respectfully demand that be given. He is a frontliner,” said Del Muro.

“We demand justice for our healthcare personnel. He heeded the call of duty when others would not. Our healthcare workers remain unfazed by this discrimination they now face on a daily basis,” she said.