COVID-19 patients in Tuguegarao stay in car waiting to be admitted

Several COVID-19 patients stay in their cars while waiting to be admitted at Medical Center (CVMC) in Tuguegarao City.

According to CVMC chief Dr. Glenn Matthew Baggao, the number of their patients has exceeded the 150-bed capacity of the COVID-19 ward.

Of the 80 COVID-19 patients in the past 2 weeks, now 191 have been admitted, including 25 suspected COVID-19 cases.

Apart from the vehicles, some COVID-19 patients are also staying in tents.

According to Baggao, the number of COVID-19 cases in their area has increased because “people have become complacent because they have undergone GCQ (general community quarantine).”

Baggao is now worried about the influx of patients with severe or critical conditions.

Baggao has asked for funds from the Department of Health to rent 2 hotels to house patients who have recovered and those considered mild cases.

Baggao also proposed to the city government to re-subject Tuguegarao to enhance community quarantine, which mayor Jefferson Soriano has already recommended to the regional Inter-Agency Task Force.

A similar situation happened in Cebu City last week.

About 30 patients suspected of being hit by  lined up in their vehicle while waiting to be vacated and admitted to a private  in Cebu City. The patients in the vehicle fitted with an oxygen tank.

COVID-19 patients in Tuguegarao stay in cars waiting to be admitted

The local government has also set up tents for patients in the vehicle.

Patients are also ready to provide fuel in case they need it in the vehicle.

According to Tumulak, hospitals in the city and other municipalities have been full since last week.

That is why he encouraged people to follow protocols so that  do not increase in their area.

Meanwhile, Health Undersecretary Leopoldo Vega said hospitals that are already full due to patients with COVID-19 should gradually add COVID-19 beds.

From the previous 30 percent, public hospitals could be raised to 40 to 50 percent when there is a surge.

From 20 percent, private hospitals can increase their COVID-19 bed capacity to 30 percent, Vega said.

The One Hospital Command Center admitted that they have difficulty finding hospitals for the patients who call them.

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