COVID-19 cases in Boracay increased

The number of those who tested positive for COVID-19 on the island of has increased.

According to the latest data from the Malay Municipal Health Office this Sunday, the town has increased by 12 COVID-19 cases, 11 of which are from Boracay.

Zone 5 and Zone 6 in Barangay Balabag in Malay are currently locked down where border controls and checkpoints are stricter.

According to Eden Buenafe, a resident of Zone 5, they are scared and struggling with their situation, especially since they have no income this Easter due to the lack of tourists.

“Dapat may suporta ang gobyerno… Kahit mga pambili lang, wala tayong makuhanan,” said Buenafe.

Up to 31 hotels and resorts were affected by the lockdown in Zone 5 and Zone 6.

So far, 92 have been reported in Malay town and most of them have come from the island of Boracay.

Those who tested positive for COVID-19 are already at the quarantine facility in while contact tracing continues.

The lockdown affected the following hotels and resorts.

1. Red Coconut Beach Hotel
2. Levantin
3. Banana Bay
4. Fat Jimmy

1. Feliz Hotel
2. The Tides

in increased

Mabuhay Accommodations:
1. 7 Stones
2. Babossam Hotel
3. Bamboo Bungalow
4. Beach Anne
5. Casa D’Estrella
6. Chill Out Hotel
7. Ellen’s Resort
8. El Moro
9. Green Summer Inn
10. Hey Jude Resort Hotel
11. Isla Azul
12. Japers Apartelle
13. Lanterna
14. Lola’s Lodge
15. Sheena’s Beach Resort
16. T-Three Apartment
17. Gumamela Resort Branch 1
18. Palassa Private Residences
19. Nirvana Resort
20. Niu Ohana
21. Island Inn
22. Isla Gecko
23. Giulius Boracay Italian Resort
24. Henann Park
25. Midtown

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“Tourists within the affected areas are encouraged to observe limited movement until provided with Quarantine Pass from the Barangay. Incoming Tourists with booking to Accommodation Establishments categorized as Critical Zone are encouraged to transfer to other DOT-Accredited Accommodation Establishments outside the areas affected by surgical lockdown,” the LGU of Malay said in a Facebook post.

“Tourists must present their QR Codes and Negative RT PCR result to establishments or whenever needed,” it added.