COVID-19 ward of Batangas Medical Center reaching full capacity

The COVID-19 ward of is also filling up in the face of the increasing number of patients rushed to the hospital, similar to that in some parts of the country.

According to the hospital management, last week, they noticed a rapid increase in the number of patients rushed to the hospital, especially those with COVID-19 in the province and neighboring provinces.

Among those who arrived at the hospital was an ambulance carrying a patient couple from San Pedro, Laguna.

But he could not be admitted to the hospital immediately because there was no vacant room.

The ambulance driver, Dale Buising, said they have already toured Laguna and hospitals. Still, no one has received them because they are already full, so they are stranded in Batangas.

Buising plans to transfer the patients to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), but he will return the couple to their home if not accepted.

From time to time, ambulances carrying patients with suspected COVID-19 also arrive at the hospital.

According to the hospital management, their occupancy rate in the COVID-19 wards is already at 90 percent, so it is important to have coordination before bringing patients so that they can prepare.

COVID-19 ward of reaching full capacity

There are 68 COVID-19 patients in the hospital while 120 COVID-19 suspects.

The modular isolation facility is already full, so there are no more vacancies, and the tents are already full.

With so many patients, their guards laid cardboard on the side of the hospital for them to sleep on.

Rufina Razon of Lemery, Batangas, had an accident with her child, but when she was taken to the hospital, she tested positive for COVID-19.

The hospital management thinks that the number of COVID-19 patients will increase, so they are preparing additional medical supplies, PPEs, oxygen tanks, and health workers.

Nearly 30 more beds will be added to the hospital’s COVID-19 ward with the number of patients arriving.

They advise patients to teleconsult for now, especially if their condition is not serious.

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