Court orders Nadine Lustre to honor contract with Viva

The Regional Trial Court has issued a resolution in the case filed by Viva against Nadine Lustre in connection with the actress’ departure from the agency’s management.

In a 15-page resolution, the court ordered Lustre and Viva to “status quo” or keep the talent-management set up between them.

Lustre is also prohibited from entering into any contract or providing services to third parties without Viva’s consent.

Lustre must also comply with and fulfill the obligations stated in her contract with Viva before or during the arbitration hearing.

But the court did not allow Viva’s request for a writ of preliminary attachment and/or writ of garnishment to seize Lustre’s earnings during the time she self-managed.

For Lorna Kapunan, Luster’s lawyer, this is a point for her client.

“From the time Nadine terminated the agreement in 2019 of September, Nadine’s talent fees daw sa mga contracts based on their petition is sabi nila P28,870,000. Ang 40 percent nu’n, ay amin ‘yan, P11,548,000. Tapos sabi pa ng Viva, may loss income kami diyan, loss of income na P10M, loss profits nila ay P22M,” said Kapunan.

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Court orders Nadine Lustre to honor contract with Viva

“After 2 years of waiting, lista lang sila nang lista, ng ano ‘yung mga engagements and endorsements ni Nadine, then they go to court at sinabing amin na ‘yung 40 percent. Ni wala silang sweat and tears on the part of Viva,” the lawyer added.

So for Kapunan, Nadine Lustre won that part.

“And that’s why in our statement for Nadine we said panalo si Nadine on that score… Sabi ng court why will you attach or garnish the bank accounts of Nadine, when you did not prove fraud?”

But the Viva camp responded.

“‘Yung preliminary attachment na hiningi ng Viva, this is just an initial step in determining the liability or probable liability of Nadine for violating her contract. ‘Yung issue na ‘to will be determined later on when we go to arbitration,” said Paolo Roxas, legal counsel of Viva.

“Forty percent is under their contract, number one. ‘Yang 40 percent na ‘yan, it is made to appear na it is a commission bilang ahente lang ni Nadine, ang katotohanan diyan Viva invested a lot of resources in to promote Nadine’s career, in exchange they are entitled to recover those investments,” explained Roxas.

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