Couple who was shot dead in QC already identified

Police have located the residence of the victim couple on Broadway Ave. in Brgy. Mariana, Quezon City this Wednesday.

Based on the address on the victims’ IDs, they live in Caloocan.

According to the QCPD Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (CIDU) spot report, the woman’s father identified the body, so they took a statement, and the investigation began.

The couple had a standing warrant of arrest from QC RTC Branch 105 in the estafa case, but according to the branch clerk of court, the case was dismissed on October 22, 2019.

Receipts of various transactions have also been obtained and are being reviewed by the CIDU.

It appears that two motorcycles followed the victims’ car, and they were shot upon arrival on Broadway Ave.

The perpetrators allegedly tried to get the woman out of the car, but she ran away, so she was shot at the corner of 6th St. at Broadway Ave.

Couple who was shot dead in QC already identified

And because the male victim was also shot, he lost control of the vehicle, went to the other lane, and then crashed into a tree.

That’s also the story of guard Denver Dumail, who guards one of the townhouses in the area. He said he had just finished his duty and was walking on 6th street when he saw the victims’ vehicle stop to give way to the car crossing the intersection.

When the victims’ car stopped, the rider on a motorcycle fired at the driver’s side of the car. The woman allegedly went out and ran but was also shot.

A motorcycle also on board allegedly only served as a lookout. According to Dumail, the weapon used by the perpetrators was armalite.

When SOCO processed the crime scene, the couple was found with IDs with various names and addresses, jewelry, 3 cellphones, expensive bags, and money worth P531,600.

It turns out that 24 pieces of M-16 shells were used in the shooting.

Based on CCTV and according to eyewitnesses, the culprits could not be identified because they were wearing helmets. The plate number of the motors was also not obtained.

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