Trademark of Country Music in Baguio City

Man in a cowboy hat on stage playing a guitar

Pam Tillis quoted the following – “There’s nothing wrong wearing a hat and cowboy boots if you want to be a country singer. But, when you open your mouth, have something new to say. Have your own style.” Every country song is indeed unique. There seems to be a story from each of the songs.

While there are country sounds, we cannot deny that cowboy hats and cowboy boots too always come along. Famous country singers such as John Denver, George Strait, and Alan Jackson always wear these hats when they are performing. Not only these male singers wear it but also female singers such as Carrie Underwood, Terrie Clark, and many more. These kinds of hats seem to be a trademark for country singing as well. There are different types of cowboy hats which include cattleman, brick, gambler, derby, pinched front, Gus, Tom Mix, and open crown. You can also check these hats online such as JJ’s House if you are interested to buy one. Though these different types are very similar, they seem to be named according to how or when they are used.


Types of cowboy hats

Group of cowboys with their horses

For instance, cattleman cowboy hats, according to its name are hats worn by ranchers and horsemen. Gambler hats, however, are known to be planter’s hat and accordingly they became popular during the days of riverboat casinos that moved down to Mississippi river. Kentucky Derby hats are also classified as (derby) cowboy hats of which as the name implies, they are worn during derbies. These hats can be worn by either men or women meanwhile nowadays, for women, not only that they can choose Kentucky Derby hats during this event but they can instead replace this kind of hat to a simpler fascinator which would make them more fashionable and stylish.

In addition, Gus cowboy hat is named after the man who wore it and the code he lived by. This hat has a story of a certain man named Augustus Mccrae, of which the hat becomes the most iconic hat in the cowboy culture whether it be white or black.

Here is the question- do you think these country sounds are just for the Westerners? Have you been to other countries in the East? Southern Eastern Asia for instance? There is a country from Asia wherein these songs are also very popular, not really the whole country but part of it. The Philippines has three primary islands, divided into 17 regions, and among these regions, particularly, the Cordillera is where we can see the so-called highlanders.


Baguio City, Philippines is the Summer Capital

Highlanders are more interested in country songs, with which most of their men are also into fashion for cowboy hats and cowboy boots. Try visiting Baguio City Philippines during festivals; this city is considered to be the mountain resort city located in the region. If not during festivals when you can see folks wearing cowboy hats and boots, riding on their horses, you can try going to the city bars where there are bands and listen to the songs they sing.

You might be wondering where is Baguio City exactly located? The city is located in region CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region), Luzon island and is approximately 250 kilometres north of Manila. From the city of Manila, you can travel by bus for at least 5 hours.

In addition, this city is known for its cool weather even if it’s summer season hence being branded to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines and the City of Pines. Apart from being the summer capital of the country, it is also well known for its Panagbenga Festival (Blooming Flowers Festival), an annual festival always observed during the month of February until the first week of March.

Panagbenga Festival 2019

panagbenga festival 2019 poster from Baguio City, Philippines

Having said so, considered to be one of the tourist spots of the country, especially during summer, it is best to roam around the city and don’t miss going to Wright Park and Mines View Park. You may not be able to see a ranch however you will be able to see the horses for horseback riding along with their owners with their suits. And if you’d like to extend your vacation in the city, you can also visit the neighbouring town, La Trinidad, which would be just a few minutes away from Baguio City. If Baguio City is observing Panagbenga Festival every February, La Trinidad is also observing Strawberry Festival during the month of March. Your vacation will definitely be worthwhile if you schedule it from the months of February and March as you will be able to witness two festivals within the city and its neighbouring town.