Duterte threatens to kill corrupt cops in expletive-laden dressing down

corrupt cops
A crowd of more than 100 corrupt cops were forced to stand to attention outside the Malacanang palace while Duterte gave them a public tongue-lashing.

President Duterte threatened to kill corrupt cops as he gave erring officers an expletive-filled public dressing down outside the Malacanang.

In a speech during the presentation of the 102 policemen from Metro Manila and nearby provinces, the president branded the rogue cops as “a plague on society”.


He said: “To those facing cases, don’t post bail anymore. Do not blame me. Do not post bail, better suffer in jail. The Philippines is safer if you’re in jail or else you’re dead.

“You are useless to me. You are a plague on society.”

Some policemen presented to the president have been accused of involvement in kidnapping, rape, robbery, extortion and illegal drugs. Others were facing raps for grave misconduct, neglect of duty, non-appearance at court hearings, absence without leave and other irregularities.


Of the assembled officers, 87 were from the National Capital Region Police Office, seven come from Central Luzon and another eight from Calabarzon.

The president said he intended to review the cases of the erring policemen and assign a special team to neutralise them if they made just one more mistake.

“I’ll be frank to the entire Philippines. If you continue your way, son of a bitch, I will really kill you. You can be sure of that. I have nothing else to do with you fools,” he warned.

“Those involved in drug syndicates, corruption, I have a special unit that will monitor you for the rest of your lives. And if you make another mistake, I’ll have you killed.”

He also said that in the event he was forced to kill any cops, he would not hear any complaints from their families about their human rights.

“If I don’t do it, the Philippines becomes inutile. You have joined the other side. I expected much from you. How can we win against our enemies like the New People’s Army if you’re doing what they are doing, you sons of a bitches?”

He also described corrupt cops as “criminals” and “dogs”, questioned how they had managed to enter the police service.

He also lamented that rogue cops were destroying the very institution that was tasked to keep law and order in the country.

He then expressed his frustration at not being able to personally punch the erring officers due to the presence of other police officials at the event.

Before ending his speech, the president ordered the cops to continue standing to attention outside while he completed other business inside the palace.

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