Cop with shabu worth 7,000,000 million pesos linked to prison drug lords

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NBI Arrests Cop w/7 Million Pesos of Shabu, Ties to Bilibid Drug Dealer and Living Like a King – (image by

A low ranking police officer, living in a luxurious home in Sampaloc, Manila, has been arrested by the NBI with seven million pesos worth of shabu.

Officer Jolly Aliangan was allegedly working with drug lords jailed in Bilibid prison.


Officials from NBI said that the drug lord in question was one of 19 convicts who were moved out of Bilibid and held at NBI headquarters last year following the raids by the bureau on the lavish prison quarters being used like a posh hotel.

Those raids have continued throughout the last year and each time more and more drugs, air cons, refrigerators, DVD players, guns, ammunition and even illegal animals had been confiscated in the raids.

Also arrested in the raid was Aliangan’s wife, Ronalie, who NBI agents said was attempting to flush several kilos of shabu down the toilet at the time of the raid.


A spokesman for the NBI said Aliangan’s house had been under surveillance for three months before authorities obtained a search warrant for the address.

Agents allege the officer made about 23,000 pesos per month from the drug trade.

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