Cop shoots man in the leg after card game dispute



titon TV
Cop Shoots Player in Tong-Its Game After Loosing 10,000 Pesos in Caloocan City – Photo Courtesy of Triton TV –

A police officer went on a rampage after losing about 10,000 pesos during a game of tong-its in Camarin, Caloocan City around midnight Sunday.


Officer Andrei Punzal, assigned to the Police Community Precinct #5, had been on a long losing streak when his fellow players decided to stop the game.

Punzal urged his fellow players to continue, but they refuesed based on the idea that their friend had no more money left.

Punzal became angered and drew his service revolver and shot his neighbour Nestor Fancisco in the legs


The Caloocan City police chief ordered Punzal arrested and charged with frustrated murder.

Francisco told police this he will not pursue filing charges against his neighbour for shooting him as long as the officer pays his hospital expenses.

The Caloocan police chief said that criminal and administrative charges will still be filed against Punzal for his actions using a service revolver.


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