Cong TV, Viy Cortez having a baby

Couple vloggers Cong TV and Viy Cortez, announced Friday that they are having a baby.

Viy uploaded a yesterday on her channel showing a positive result of her pregnancy last Nov. 27.

She then informed Cong or Lincoln Gonzales is real life, and the two revealed the good news to the rest of Team Payaman members. They also told their parents that they were having a baby.

Viy underwent a prenatal check-up to confirm her pregnancy, and the doctor showed the heartbeat of her six-week-old baby at the time.
Last year, Cong TV and Viy shared that they suffered a miscarriage on their supposed first child. Unfortunately, they lost the baby days after discovering they were expecting.

Lincoln Cortez Velasquez, better known as Cong TV,[6] is a Filipino YouTuber, comedian, musician, vlogger, and streamer.  He is known for his comedy videos on YouTube.

He is considered one of the top YouTube personalities in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Viy Cortez started making videos in 2017. She owned various types of business in the Philippines. In October 2020, Cortez became an ambassador for a cosmetics company, Ever Bilena. In addition, she guested on a television news magazine show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, and she shared her story about her success in business and vlogging.

Celebrity housemates shed tears over intensifying competition in ‘PBB’

Tears were shed again by some celebrity housemates as they continued their weekly task on “Pinoy Big Brother,” which tests the organization formed inside Bahay ni Kuya.

On Thursday, the two groups met again for a tug-of-war game that will add wooden blocks to the winner.

After three rounds, the blue team consisting of Alyssa Valdez, Eian Rances, TJ Valderrama, Karen Bordador, Alexa Ilacad, and Jordan Andrews got the win. They reduced the other group by 150 blocks.

At first, the yellow team seemed to accept the defeat, but as the tower they built was gradually reduced, Brenda Mage couldn’t stop herself from turning around and crying.

It will be noted that the winning group was also not comfortable getting blocks from the opposing team because Rances and Andrews also cried.

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