Complete blackout in Samal Island and Davao City for at least two weeks

samal island
Complete Blackout in Samal Island, Davao City for at Least 2 Weeks, If Not Longer – (photo of Pearl Farm, Samal Island, Davao City)

Once again Samal Island is suffering the issues with complete blackouts due to the power cable being severed by a bulk vessel on Thursday.

Daneco said the power loss happened at 10am on Thursday – the power company said in a statement the the M/V Ecuador dropped anchor and took out the cable near the shoreline in Babak District, Samal.

The statement read: “It will take no more than two weeks to re-energise again the island. We are now at work for our legal action against the owner of the vessel.”
Igacos representatives are asking for a ‘state of calamity’ so the region can use funds to assist those in need.
Igacos public information officer Melrose Arig said that the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (CDRRM) is doing what it can to provide temporary reprieve.
Daneco said they were asking the Mindoro Power Grid to provide electricity to Samal Island – MPG assured they can provide eight megawatts to the island by March 24, or Holy Thursday.
Locals are weary of the time frame seeing as the last time a cable was dislocated it took months for the power company to reconnect to the power grid.
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