Communists demand Facebook reinstates deleted propaganda page

The CCP is demanding that Facebook reinstate its propaganda page

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has demanded that Facebook reverse a decision to delete its propaganda page.

Through a statement published on its website, the CPP condemned the takedown of its ‘Philippine Revolution Web Central’ (PRWC) Facebook page this week.

“This is clearly a case of Facebook censorship and intolerance, contrary to its declared principles of ‘diversity’ and its espousal of an ‘open and connected world’,” the CPP said in a statement.

“We are demanding Facebook to bring back the PRWC page, all its posts and its community of more than 10,000 followers,” it added.

The CPP — which is classified as a terrorist organisation by the USA — directed its followers to a new Facebook page (PRWC Info), but this has also been taken down.

The group accused the Philippine and US governments of coordinating the social attacks against it.

“The Facebook takedown is not the only attack against the PRWC’s social organisation. Two days after the PRWC FB Page takedown, the PRWC’s Instagram account, where images of the Philippine revolution are posted, was also deleted without warning or explanation,” the CPP said.

CPP information bureau liaison Vim Montes said the takedown occurred after it claimed the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) was releasing news on social media.

“In particular, the PRWC page exposed as fake news the claims of the AFP of armed encounters with the New People’s Army to justify the killings of unarmed peasants in the countryside and widespread violations of human rights.

“The PRWC takedown was carried out right after it had exposed and resisted the efforts of the US-supported military and defence establishment to spoil the peace negotiations between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front representing the revolutionary forces,” he added.

Also this week, the CCP has claimed that the Abu Sayyaf on Bohol was a false flag operation concocted by the CIA and the Philippine military.

Facebook has not commented on the matter.