Communist rebels kidnap 11 villagers in Toril District, Davao City

New People’s Army Kidnap 11 Villagers in Toril District, Davao City – file photo –

With a rash of cop killings to haunt the likes of Toril, Davao City, citizens now find themselves in the cross-hairs of NPA rebels kidnapping villagers this week.

NPA fighters kidnapped 11 residents of Barangay Daliaoon Tuesday. The villagers were hauling materials for a government water project in Lipadas River when they were taken.


Reports say that more than 60 guerrillas took the villagers and held them at a nearby hut, where they were released the following day.

Those captured in the kidnapping were as follows:

  • Martin Cacanta
  • Felipe Daug
  • Dondon Cacanta
  • Paolo Daug
  • Kim Daug
  • O-ay Lopez
  • Marlon Marina
  • Salwin Ondoy
  • Nilo Gebaya
  • and a certain Dodoy and Tisoy

All mentioned above are from Barangay Daliao in Toril district.