Communist guerrillas storm construction site, killing two and injuring five


NPA rebels
Masked NPA Guerrillas Storm Construction Site, Kill 2, Hurt 5 in Shootout in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato – file photo of NPA guerrillas,

In an updated report on the 50-million peso (an earlier report said 20-million) burning of construction equipment in the western region of Lake Sebu, a new report notes a one hour gun battle took place to protect the compound.

In the report posted by Philstar, the gunfight to keep the NPA guerrillas at bay cost the lives of two construction company security guards, as well as wounding five others members of the company and local police.


A spokesman for the Gemma Construction firm said the raid took place at 9.3pm in Barangay Lamfugon.

The same source added that the firm’s security personnel and members of the village’s police action team attempted to defend the compound but failed.

Police said the firefight between the NPA rebels and those inside the compound lasted just over an hour.


In all, the rebels burned four piece of equipment, including two backhoes.

Residents of the barangay said the men who attacked the compound were in fact NPA rebels. 

Police also said the same group was believed to have raided several banana and pineapple processing companies in the same region in the past few months.

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