Chinese woman rescued off Philippine coast was trying to swim home

coast guard
Eighteen-year-old Xiong Won Jing appears to be already when approached by the local coast guard’s rescue boat. All pictures from the Santa Ana Coast Guard’s ‘Tanod Baybayin’ page.

The Philippine Coast Guard rescued a Chinese woman off the north coast of Luzon who was attempting to swim . 

Eighteen-year-old Xiong Won Jing had quit her job at the Eastern Hawaii Casino in Santa Ana, Cagayan, and had become depressed. It was in this state of mind that she decided to embark on the 500-plus mile swim through shark-infested ocean waters to her home country.

Fortunately, before she had got more than 300 yards into her epic journey, she was spotted by James Villanueva, a 51-year-old local man out on a fishing trip. 

He immediately contacted the Coast Guard Sub-Station at Santa Ana who sent a rescue boat to the scene. The half-drowned woman was plucked from the waters on the morning of Sunday, June 24. It is not known how long she had been in the sea or exactly what time she was rescued.

coast guard
Following a medical examination, the young lady was found to be in a surprisingly healthy condition, despite her ordeal.

She was then taken to Santa Ana Community Hospital for medical attention where she was found to be in good physical condition by the attending physician. Other than being in a somewhat exhausted and bedraggled state, she was apparently none the worse for her life-threatening ordeal.

According to the Coast Guard’s Facebook page, she was then handed in to the care of Rudy Chandra, a human resources officer at the casino where she used to work. It is not known if she has resumed her employment there, or been granted her wish to return home by some more practical means.

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