Clint Bondad trends on Twitter over ‘cryptic’ IG posts

Clint Bondad, the ex-boyfriend of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, trended on Twitter after he posted short and “cryptic” IG stories.

Many netizens expressed their concerns over Clint’s posts, with some saying the model badly needed help.

“Quick, find the code before it’s ALL gone,” Clint said at the beginning of his series of IG stories.

He then posted a red and blue pill, said he really like the movie Saw 3, and randomly said he just like headphones.

“You don’t steal from very ambitious men,” he said, followed by a screenshot of the movie “Anonymous.”

Another post said, “Nobody can judge me. I know your dirty little secrets too well.”

He also posted, “In my team I am known as all knowing shadow.”

Some netizens speculated Clint was saying he hacked the account of Sam Milby and found contents that he use or expose against Sam.

Some of Clint’s posts on IG Story have the word “Sam” with no last name and no identifier. Clint also used the word “Ex” in some of his IG Story posts with no explanation and no identifier.

Last Sunday, Clint posted a screenshot that shows he sent Sam Milby direct message on Instagram.

“Want to become my client” and “How about we have a little chat” it read.

Later, Clint wrote another message to Sam Milby: “Your rate shall increase by 5:30.” He then shared a screenshot of it on which he wrote: “Oh no.”

You can check the whole series of Clint’s post here in CinemaBravo.

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Clint Bondad after breakup with

Clint Bondad also trended on Twitter after Sam Milby and admitted their relationship last May.

He posted a lot of tweets, directed to no one in particular, which many netizens say seem to hint at regrets.

One of the tweets that caught the attention of many was about forgetting memories.

He also tweeted about, “Can you ever stop loving someone?”

Other tweets he posted include, “we can’t force them to choose us” and also, “I’m happy for you don’t worry. I won’t hold you any longer so be happy,” without naming anyone.

Cat and Clint had been together for six years before they broke up.