Duterte claims CIA wants him dead as he rails against America

Duterte speaking at a convention of his ’s new political party in Davao today during which he made the claims about the CIA

In his latest tirade against the USA, President Duterte has repeated his claim that the United State’s CIA wanted him dead.

Speaking at the convention of his daughter’s new political party Hugpong Pagbabago today (Friday, August 17) he said: “I was looking at the TV intently because I want to emphasise to the Americans. There were CIA agents now. Reports said they wanted me dead. Go ahead… be my guest… after all, this will remain the way it is.”

The also expressed his anger at America after US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs Randall Schriver, who is in Manila for a two-day visit, warned the government about buying equipment, such as submarines, from Russia.

“Who are you to warn us?  You meet me in a forum and I will invite everybody interested. You state your case why you are against my country acquiring  submarines. Give me the reasons why and make it public. You want us to remain backwards,” he said.

The president went on to say that the Philippines is the only country in the region with no submarines — Vietnam has seven, Malaysia, two, and Indonesia, eight.

“You sold us used refurbished helicopters. Just like American transactions, your brokers are meddling. You sold us six helicopters… one or two or three crashed already, killing the last one all the crew members. Is that the way how you treat your allies?  And you want us to stay with you at all times?” he fumed.

“Think about it? Why did you not stop the other countries in Asia? Why are you stopping us. If you would give us, that will implode. Explosion will come from the inside like the helicopter you gave us.” 

Despite his harsh words, he emphasised that his country was not the enemy of America. “I am just protecting my soldiers and police,” he said. “What’s the problem of acquiring submarines? We are not using it against you. Neither can we use it against China or anybody else because we are under armed.”

His tirade against America comes just days after the US donated a $15 million surveillance and reconnaissance system to help in the fight against terrorism.

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