Fresh inquest finds that Christine Silawan was raped before murder

Christine Silawan
Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) Forensic Team Director Dr Erwin Erfe and Christine Silawan.

A fresh inquest into the killing of 16-year-old Christine Silawan has found that she was raped and that acid was used to skin her face.

Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) Forensic Team Director Dr Erwin Erfe announced today (Tuesday, April 2) that they found “extensive abrasion and haematoma” on the victim’s genitalia. “This is evidence she was raped,” he said.

The forensic team also determined that the killer probably poured an acid onto the the schoolgirl’s face before it was skinned due to traces of burned skin on her forehead, eyes and neck.

Furthermore, ligature marks found on her left wrist and neck suggested that she was also choked and tied.

A previous autopsy found that she was stabbed at least 30 times before being horribly mutilated. As well as more than half of her face being cut off, the right side of her neck had also been removed, and other body parts such as her trachea, oesophagus and tongue were missing.

In line with police investigators, the forensic team believe that at least three people played a part in the killing.

PAO Chief Persida Acosta assured the victim’s family and the public that they were doing everything they could to fast-track the case.

“Based on developments, there is probable testimonial evidence and not only probable but credible eyewitnesses,” she said.

Christine, a Grade Nine student of Maribago National High School, was found dead in a vacant lot in Lapu-Lapu City on March 11. 

A 17-year-old — believed to be a former boyfriend of the victim — was arrested on suspicion of the murder. However, he was ordered released by the Lapu-Lapu City Prosecutor’s Office because he was arrested without a warrant.

President Duterte has since ordered that he be taken back into custody.

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