CHR probes death of shooting victim in Angono

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) investigates the brutal death of a shooting victim inside a in Angono, Rizal.

27-year-old Vincent Adia was shot twice and killed while getting treatment in the Rizal Provincial Hospital System Annex in Angono town.

Police Gen. Camilo Cascolan, Philippine National Police chief, said Friday that the police would also check possible lapses on their part but insisted that the cops cannot be blamed for the incident.

“There was really no threat anymore. Maybe the police were right, but we will have to investigate why they did not leave a security detail,” Cascolan said in an interview carried by radio dzBB.

“Because they were thinking already that everything was done to their best efforts. I don’t think we can blame the police because they thought there was no need to secure (the person) because there was no threat anymore,” he also said, adding police “didn’t know what the incident was about.”

Meanwhile, CHR spokesperson Jacqueline De Guia said Thursday that its regional office sent a quick response team to investigate Adia’s death.

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CHR probes death of shooting victim in Angono

Angono police said Adia was brought to the after he suffered gunshot wounds from another shooting at 3:30 am.

Hours later, the gunman entered the and killed Adia. The suspect also pointed his gun at health workers treating the shooting victim.

“The CHR strongly condemns this brutal killing inside a hospital. The brazenness of the attack is utterly reprehensible— a desecration of the very facility where the sick and wounded are supposed to be treated and saved,” De Guia said.

“Amid the suffering in this period of pandemic, it is disheartening that extra-judicial killings still persist,” she added.

CHR also reiterated its call to the to “concretely address the continuing atrocities and vigilante killings.”

“With the government’s recent expression of openness to cooperate with international mechanisms in improving the human rights situation in the country, we hope and expect that cases of extrajudicial killings will be truly curbed and tackled with utmost urgency,” De Guia said.