Chiong sisters’ freed killers not yet sighted in Cebu

Chiong sisters' freed killers not yet sighted in Cebu
Col. Gemma Vinluan, CCPO director said Chiong sisters’ freed killers were not yet sighted in Cebu (Image from Manila Bulletin News)

THE Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) said that they have no information yet about the Chiong sisters’ freed killers’ whereabouts in Cebu.

Col. Gemma Vinluan, CCPO director, said that they have not confirmed yet if the released convicts already returned in their hometowns in Cebu.


Josman Aznar, Ariel Balansag and Alberto Caño were recently released from jail along with other prisoners guilty of heinous crimes but benefitted from the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) law.

Vinluan said that will put the three under their watch list to closely monitor their every move.

She also said that they are ready to arrest the Chiong sisters’ convicts once they receive the court order.


Vinluan also expressed that she was not in favor of freeing convicts of heinous crimes. She also against the release of suspects arrested in anti-drug operations through plea bargaining.

She explained that a street pusher who got imprisoned may meet a drug lord inside the corrections. Then if the pusher got released, he then will be a big-time drug personality.

Vinluan said “Kaya ang ginawa namin, mino-monitor ‘yung nakalaya na (So what we do, is we monitor those who have been set free).”

Mrs. Chiong blames President Duterte for Chiong sisters’ freed killers 

The mother of the kidnapped, raped and killed Jacqueline and Marijoy Chiong blamed the president for her daughters’ convicted killers’ release in August.

However, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said it was “unfair” to put blame on the Duterte for the prisoners’ release.

Panelo said, “The President will not tolerate any form of injustice being committed under his watch and it is for this reason that he will ensure that the practice initiated by the past administration on the granting of GCTA will no longer continue.”

Meanwhile, Panelo threatens to file a cyber libel and libel case against the and Rappler for maliciously inferring that he recommended convicted rapist-killer Antonio Sanchez’s executive clemency letter.

Bureau of Pardons and Parole executive director Reynaldo Bayang revealed yesterday that Salvador Panelo referred convicted rapist Sanchez’s executive clemency.