30 Chinese violated physical distancing at KTV bar

Police and Barangay Pio del Pilar personnel raided an establishment on Urban Avenue in Makati after hearing that a mass gathering was taking place inside it, Saturday morning.

Police inside the KTV bar caught up with 30 Chinese nationals who were not wearing face masks and face shields and allegedly did not comply with physical distancing.

Right inside the establishment, Public Safety Department personnel gave tickets to the arrested Chinese. Their identification cards were also confiscated.

According to Rolando Borbor of the Public Safety Department, the violation of the arrested Chinese is only physical distancing. He said they did not violate the curfew because they were inside the building. A curfew violation is committed if someone is caught outside or walking on the road.

Chinese residents must pay the fine at Hall so that they can recover the confiscated IDs.

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Meanwhile, nearly 100 customers and employees of a bar in Tomas Morato, , were arrested for allegedly having a  early Saturday morning.

According to Police Lt. Col. Noli Abalos, chief of the Kamuning Police Station, they received information that many were drinking inside the bar even after the curfew.

During the police patrol, they also noticed that there were many parked vehicles outside the bar, and there was still noise inside.

When the police first entered, they saw many people inside the bar, and that physical distancing was no longer being followed.

Ninety-three people were caught, including employees and foreign customers.

Police say those caught are likely to face multiple complaints such as violations of curfew ordinances, liquor ban, physical distancing, not wearing a face shield, and mass gathering.

“Makinig tayo sa protocol. Alam naman natin na bawal. Antayin natin kung kailan mag-go ang gobyerno, ang dami na natin affected na COVID,” said Abalos.

Those arrested at the were taken to the Barangay South Triangle covered court but were also sent home after issuing tickets. The bar management is facing a possible case.