Some Chinese residents vaccinated against COVID-19 in Pasay

Some Chinese nationals in priority groups have been vaccinated under the vaccination program in Pasay City, Pasay City Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano said Wednesday.

In a media statement, Calixto-Rubiano said the vaccinated Chinese are legitimate residents of Pasay City and belong to the priority categories of citizens (A2) or persons with comorbidities (A3).

He said they went through the appropriate process to show a barangay certificate and medical certificate to receive the vaccine.

The mayor also ensured that the documents of the vaccinated foreigners were thoroughly checked and even underwent interviews at vaccination sites.

“These individuals, like all the other people who got vaccinated, passed through the normal process, and during their registration, they submitted their Barangay Certificates and Medical Certificates indicating that they were residents of the city and they belonged to either the A2 or A3 groups,” the mayor said.

According to information from the Public Information Office in Pasay, some vaccinated foreigners are businessmen who are members of the Pasay City Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and others work in the city.

Some Chinese residents vaccinated against in Pasay

On the other hand, Calixto-Rubiano denied that there was VIP treatment for Chinese in vaccination following a post on social media that some Chinese allegedly received the vaccine at vaccination sites in Pasay even though they were not part of the government’s priority group.

However, the mayor still ordered an investigation into the report and promised to make the investigation public.

“I have instructed our City Administrator and the City Health Office to thoroughly into this matter,” said Calixto-Rubiano.

Vaccine supply in the country remains limited, with only 3 million vaccinated – far short of the 70 million targets for herd immunity.

Most of the vaccine in the country is from Sinovac of China.

The targets to vaccinate 70 million of the population before the end of the year. As of the last record, 4.3 million doses of  have been injected in the .

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