Chinese national caught kidnapping fellow Chinese in Manila

Three Chinese nationals were rescued by the Crime Investigation Section. They were alleged to have been abducted by fellow Chinese in exchange for money.

The operation stemmed from a call by a concerned citizen to the Dagonoy PCP with a Chinese man walking on the road handcuffed.

When the man was brought to Sta. Ana Police Station, he went to Manila after applying online as a cook.

But when he met with the person who identified himself as the employer, he was taken to a safehouse in Makati and was not released.

The follow-up operation was conducted in Barangay San Antonio, where the man came from.

At the same time, they received a call that someone had jumped into one of the houses there.

With the help of the house’s caretaker, police entered and found the Chinese man who allegedly jumped from the house.

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Chinese national caught fellow Chinese in Manila

According to Police Maj. Rommel Anicete, chief of the MPD Crime Investigation Section, they thought the man was the victim, but the real victim identified him as the one who guarded and assaulted him.

Two other Chinese nationals who were handcuffed and chained were rescued on the 4th floor of the house.

The Chinese woman’s body was bruised, and she still had burns on her leg.

She had been detained for nine days, and the P500,000 that she was supposed to send to his family in China was stolen. Meanwhile, P20,000 was obtained from his Chinese male companion, who was only offered a swab test.

Investigations show that Chinese nationals are being kidnapped, robbed, and even demanded ransom from their families in China for their freedom.

Apart from the man arrested, another colleague of his has been identified by the police and is wanted.

Four other Chinese accomplices have also not been identified.

The accused was arrested for kidnapping with serious illegal detention.

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