Chinese man arrested at Mactan-Cebu Airport with 100 bullets and guns

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Chinese National Arrested at Mactan-Cebu International Airport for 100 Bullets and Guns – photo by –

It appears that no airport is immune to bullets, guns and the like – this week all three major airports in the country have been plagued with the bullet planting scam, or people trying to board with bullets and guns.

This time at Matan-Cebu International Airport, a Chinese man was arrested by police for possession of sub machine pistol, another pistol and a load of bullets.


Chao-Ching Hung was arrested after attempting to board a Cebu Pacific flight to Manila when security personnel detected the cache inside his luggage.


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Police confiscated a KG-9 sub-machine pistol with silencer and three extended magazines – one 9mm Berreta pistol and 100 rounds of live ammunition wrapped in a lead blanket to keep them from being detected.

Later, the police confiscated his two cell phones – authorities are now coordinating with the Chinese Consulate regarding the incident.

“Thanks to our OTS personnel for actively keeping watch of illegal items despite being demoralised due to the recent controversy over the “tanim bala (planting bullets)” scam at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA),” Salido said.

An initial investigation shows that Hung arrived in Cebu on November 1.

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