46 Chinese fugitives running illegal Manila call centres to be deported

Chinese fugitives

Agents of the Bureau of Immigration have arrested 46 Chinese fugitives operating illegal call centres in Metro Manila.

BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said today (Monday, October 1) that the fugitives were caught in the act of engaging in cyber fraud operations in illegal call centres.

He disclosed that the aliens were arrested in two operations conducted by operatives from the BI Fugitive Search Unit (FSU) in the cities of Makati and Muntinlupa, following a request from the Chinese Embassy in Manila.

“We received information from the Chinese authorities that these fugitives are hiding in the Philippines,” said Morente.

“We immediately conducted our investigation upon receipt of information, and discovered that there were more fugitives involved conducting their illegal activities.”

Arrested on September 14 in three different buildings in Makati were 30 Chinese people. Sixteen others were detained in a follow-up operation at a house in Muntinlupa.

Morente said all 46 were now undergoing deportation proceedings for violating the Philippine Immigration Act.

According to BI intelligence officer and Fugitive Search Unit Chief Bobby Raquepo, many of those arrested were undocumented aliens as their passports have already been cancelled by the Chinese government.

He added that the Chinese fugitives were caught in the act of manning computer workstations when the arresting teams raided their offices.

“Further coordination with the Chinese embassy in later revealed that the arrested nationals are all wanted fugitives in China for involvement in economic crimes,” said Raquepo. “It seems like they attempted to transfer their operations in the country.” 

Morente credits the arrest to cooperation between the BI and the Chinese Embassy. “Our cooperation with our foreign counterparts helps us secure and protect our country from these undesirable aliens,” he said. “We have strong ties with other foreign embassies and the Interpol as well, and are receiving information about fugitives who attempt to use the country as a hideout. 

“Do not use the Philippines to hide from justice. Those hiding in the country will be caught.” 

He said the arrested aliens will soon be deported to China so they can be tried for their crimes, and will be blacklisted and banned from re-entering the Philippines.

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