Chinese doctor investigating new coronavirus was also infected

The who was investigating the China coronavirus said the new strain also infected him.

Wang Guangfa leads the Department of Pulmonary Medicine at Beijing’s Peking University First Hospital. He was also part of the medical experts who first visited Wuhan, where the coronavirus originated.

Chinese state television reports say Wang had been in treatment in isolation since Tuesday because he also showed symptoms of the new coronavirus.

“I was diagnosed, and my condition is fine,” Wang told Hong Kong’s Cable TV on Tuesday, thanking people for their concern.

Wang also researched Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003.

The doctor said he was receiving treatment and would have an injection soon. However, Wang did not give further details on the number of infected patients.

“I don’t want everyone to put too much attention on my condition,” he told the channel.

Wang told state media on January 10 that the outbreak seemed to be under control. He said most infected patients showed mild symptoms, and some were already sent home.

The toll from the flu-like has climbed to six, while 300 cases around the world have been recorded, 15 of which are medical personnel like Wang.

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Meanwhile, the Philippine government is prepared to respond if the World Health Organization (WHO) imposes travel restrictions on areas affected by the SARS-like virus.

According to Health Sec. Francisco Duque III, so far they waiting for the WHO recommendation regarding the contagious disease.

Duque said that once the WHO declares an outbreak, it will issue guidelines that the affected countries will follow.

Duque also said if the WHO releases an outbreak, it is possible that China itself will impose restrictions and ban the travel of its citizens, especially those from Wuhan City, where the new coronavirus strain believed to have originated.

Among the largest number of foreigners in the country are all Chinese nationals.