Chinese dealer dumps shabu worth 100 million pesos as he flees drug bust



Chinese National Dealing In Drugs Flees Scene of ‘Buy-Bust’ and Leaves Behind 100-Million Pesos of Shabu in Quezon City –

Authorities are hunting for a Chinese man who escaped arrest in a ‘buy-bust’ drug deal involving 100-million pesos worth of shabu in Quezon City on Wednesday.


Police say they are looking for Mikko Tui Tan, who fled when he sensed an entrapment operation and left his car in a Quezon City subdivision. The automobile contained 20-kilos of methamphetamine hydropcloride, or ‘shabu’, with a street value of 100 million pesos.

Chief Inspector Roque Merdegia, of the Philippine National Police’s Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Force, said Tan probably noticed that police were tailing him on his way to the supposed meeting place with the buyer in Fairview.

Tan abandoned his car inside a subdivision in Sta. Monica, Quezon City.


Police believe that Tan may have been picked up by an accomplice. Authorities say that drugs appear to have been smuggled into the country from China and are not a product of the Philippines.

Tan had been under surveillance since July. He has been linked to a drug syndicate operating in Quezon City.

“Tan seems to be a new player but he might have used an alias as we suspect that he had been entering drug deals before,” said local officials.

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