China gives $600 million aid to ally Cambodia

Cambodia China, China gives 600 million
China Gives $600 Million Aid to Ally Cambodia –

Cambodia’s prime minister has announced that China will give his government nearly $600 million in aid to support the country’s election infrastructure, education and health.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said in a statement that the aid was finalised after he met with his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang at an Asia- meeting in Mongolia.

“At my request, our Chinese friends have agreed to provide fund for supporting the election process, health care, education and clean water,” Hun Sen said.

China is a key ally and economic partner of impoverished Cambodia. It has provided millions of dollars in aid and investment over the past decade, granted it -free status on hundreds of trade items and written off its .

In return, Cambodia supports China in international forums, including in Beijing’s ongoing dispute with other Southeast Asian countries in the South China sea.

Last month, Cambodia 39 suspected criminals to China, including 25 Taiwanese, over whom Beijing insists it has jurisdiction despite protests from self-ruled Taipei.

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