Child with disability drowns in fishpond in Isabela

A child with disability drowned in a fishpond in Benito Soliven, Isabela, Saturday night.

The victim was identified as Justine Maldiona, 12 years old, resident of Brgy. District 1, Benito Soliven.

In the report, it was 8 pm when the victim’s father, Mardy, went to the Benito Soliven Police station to report that his son was missing. It was 9 pm when Justine’s body was found drowned in a fishpond in Brgy. District 2 of the said town.

He was quickly rushed to the nearest but was declared dead-on-arrival.

Child with Disability in the Philippines

According to Policy Brief, “ estimates that one out of seven or around 5.1 million Filipino are living with disabilities. Yet there is little information on the prevalence of disabilities among Filipino children.”

UNICEF is working with PhilHealth to develop benefit packages for with disabilities in the Philippines. UNICEF is also helping establish three children with disability hubs in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The study, conducted by the Development Academy of the Philippines, recommends putting in place a comprehensive service framework for with disabilities and a strong referral system that integrates different social services. Addressing financial barriers to social services is also essential, as is enhancing the disability inclusiveness of health, education, social welfare, and transportation services.

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