Child pornography: mother, aunt sell children to foreign pedophiles

Authorities from the Women and Children Protection Center rescued seven from their mother and aunt who sell them to on the internet in Barangay Tuktukan, Taguig City, on Tuesday.

Police immediately arrested the woman and her companion, who were the operation’s target. They also rescued the seven children (ages two to 14 years old) inside the house.

One of the was the daughter of the arrested woman, while the other are her nieces and nephews.

The suspects allegedly sell the children online to abroad.

The US Department of Homeland Security first reported to the Philippine National Police. The agency traced some of the pornographic materials featuring Filipino children are coming from the Philippines.

“They were actually abusing their own kids. I believe one was even mentally disabled, one of the children,” said Jim Anglemyer, Assistant Attache, Homeland Security Investigations, US Department of Homeland Security.

PCol. Maria Sheila Portento, chief of Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division, PNP Women and Children Protection Center said they verified the Homeland Security’s report and immediately planned operations. One of their agents disguised as a customer online and traced the suspect’s location.

Anglemyer also pedophiles get child pornographic materials not only through live streaming but also through sex tourism in the country.

“There are a lot of travelers, in particular, American travelers, come here for sex tourism. Not just the US, US buyers of this child pornography, but it is worldwide. It is an international problem,” Anglemyer explained.

The US and the Philippines are keen on exchanging information to stop the sexual exploitation of children on the internet.

The arrested suspects will face charges for violating Anti-Trafficking in Persons Acts, Anti-Child Pornography Acts, and Anti-Child Abuse Law.

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