‘Check their feet’ – election chiefs issue tips on spotting fake checkpoints

Screenshot from video about Comelec checkpoints (watch below).

Checkpoints will be established in strategic places across the Philippines as the election period for the May 13 midterm polls gets underway.

James Jimenez, spokesman for the polling authority Comelec, said poll officials will conduct inspections of checkpoints, together with the and Army later today (Saturday, January 12).

The official election period runs from tomorrow (January 13) until June 12.

Jimenez has been keen to advise motorists on how to spot a legitimate government checkpoint.

“Election period means motorist will start seeing that checkpoints are already on the streets. But remember that the checkpoints have to be situated in well-lit areas. 

“They have to be clearly marked with a big checkpoint sign, which says ‘Comelec checkpoint’. 

“The sign must contain the name and contact information of the election officer who is in charge of the area. It must also contain the name and contact information of the officer who is in charge of the checkpoint,” he said.

He added that the checkpoint must be manned by personnel in proper uniform.

“Check their feet. Sometimes people who are pretending to be legitimate police officers forget, and wear rubber shoes or slippers. So check their feet. Pero tip lang iyan (That is only a tip),” he said.

Comelec earlier released guidelines on acts prohibited during the six-month election period:

  • Transfer or movement of officers and employees in the civil service
  • Bearing, carrying or transporting firearms or other deadly weapons, unless authorised in writing by the Commission
  • Use of security personnel or bodyguards by candidates, unless authorised in writing by the Commission
  • The campaign period for senators and party-list groups will start on February 12.

For those who are planning to run for local positions, the campaign period will begin on March 29.

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