Cebu Pacific announces strict new rules governing check-in baggage


check-in baggage

Cebu Pacific has announced stricter rules governing check-in baggage, limiting the number of items that can be carried within its weight limits.


So, for example, a passenger who has paid to carry 20 kilograms can only check in two items of luggage. For 32kg the limit is three, and for 40kg a maximum of four items can be checked in.

“Before, passengers could check in as many pieces of baggage, for as long as they don’t exceed the baggage allowance they purchased. There were cases when the passenger would check in as much as 10 pieces (of baggage) that total 20 kg,” the airline said today (Tuesday, November 27).

The airline said the new policy had been introduced in the interests of “operational efficiency”.


Check-in baggage optional

Check-in baggage is optional, and not included in the seat ticket’s cost.

Passengers travelling with infants can still bring strollers, and disabled people wheelchairs. These will not be included in the baggage weight limits.

Passengers are also allowed to bring one hand-carry baggage (maximum 7kg) and one small bag that can fit under the seat.

In July, we also reported that the airline was clamping down on the amount of carry-on baggage passengers could take on to flights.

The airline’s statement in full:

Effective November 27, 2018, passengers booked on any Cebgo flight will be able to purchase a limited number of large (32 kilograms) and extra-large (40 kilograms) check-in baggage. The opening of higher baggage allowance for Cebgo flights will also be made available for passengers with connecting international flights on Cebu Pacific.

However, each passenger can only purchase one 32 or 40 kilogram baggage.

In line with continued efforts to streamline operations and provide a more efficient check-in experience at the airport, Cebu Pacific will also be strictly monitoring the number of pieces of checked-in baggage, based on the weight allowance purchased, as follows:

  • Standard (20kg) – up to two pieces of baggage
  • Large (32kg) – up to three pieces of baggage
  • Extra-Large (40kg) – up to four pieces of baggage.

Passengers can now pre-purchase baggage allowance depending on the weight and pieces they need. Note that the maximum weight for each piece of baggage is 32kg.

On connecting flights on the same booking reference, baggage allowance will be charged only once.

Guests travelling with infants and small children can still check-in strollers for free. The same goes for mobility-assistive devices (such as wheelchairs).

On top of pre-paid check-in baggage, all Cebu Pacific and Cebgo passengers may bring one carry-on or hand-carry baggage inside the cabin with a MAXIMUM weight of seven kilograms and fits inside the overhead bins; and one small bag that can fit under the seat.

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