Chantelle Torres ready for Miss Philippines-Australia beauty pageant

Minto’s Chanttelle Torres is about to follow in her older sister’s footsteps when she takes part in the Miss Philippines-Australia beauty pageant this coming October.

The 20-year-old beauty said she is inspired by her sister who won the title in 2001 after defeating Miss Charity Queen.

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Chantelle Torres Ready for Miss Philippines-Australia Beauty Pageant –

In the pageant competition, two winners are crowned – the Miss Philippines-Australia and the Miss Charity Queen who raises the most money for Australian and Philippines charities through sponsorship.

In an interview, Torres said “The questions tend to be about the community and social media.”

She went on to say “A bit closer to the event we get given an idea about what the questions will be so then it’s up to you to research as much as you can on that topic.”

The competition in four categories they are: Filipino dress, swim wear, even gowns, and questions and answer.

Chanttelle Torres recently returned from a trip to the Philippines to visit her father’s homeland. Torres was born in Australia but her father moved over from the Philippines.

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