CEO who revealed ‘vaccine for sale’ modus wonders why she was charged

Businesswoman Nina Ellaine Cabrera is puzzled about why she was among those charged by the police in the so-called “vaccine slot for sale” modus even though she revealed it on her Twitter account last month.

According to Cabrera, CEO of a local makeup brand, an LGU even thanked her for sharing the modus information.

“Nobody (from police) ever reached out to me… Which is why I was really surprised when I saw the article… I was only in touch with LGU upon posting it on May 21, and that was it. They even thanked me for the information that I gave them,” said Cabrera.

On Wednesday, the police made public their charges in connection with the modus operandi after the investigation by the Anti-Cyber ​​Crime group.

Philippine National Police chief Gen. Guillermo said Cabrera was among the three who were charged. Cabrera allegedly offered 50 to 100 vaccine slots in Mandaluyong City.

CEO who revealed ‘vaccine for sale’ modus wonders why she was charged

But Cabrera insisted she was just asking the identified seller, and she was not the seller.

“I’m completely baffled as to how they got to that conclusion when I posted it myself… Why would I expose myself?” she said.

So far, Cabrera has not received a copy of the complaint, but she will fight it.

“Right now, we’re still waiting for that letter from the prosecutor’s office then we’ll discuss after that… But definitely, we’ll be fighting these alleged charges because they are false,” she said.

Last month, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Eduardo  warned local government officials they would be held accountable by the law if they will be involved in the alleged sale of -19 vaccine slots.

The sale of vaccines in the  is illegal because they only have an emergency use authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration.

Local government units also have a prioritization list for those who want to get vaccinated, so the police appealed to the public not to enjoy the sale of vaccines.

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