Cellphone number can be retained even if user changes telco

Smart, DITO, and Globe have formed a separate company to manage subscribers who want to retain the number even if they change telcos starting September 30.

It can be prepaid to post-paid or vice versa, and it can also be prepaid to prepaid or post-paid to post-paid.

For example, the number 0919 Smart can be retained even after moving to Globe or DITO for free.

“Ang panalo talaga are the Filipino people kasi even me… I can choose my network if I’m no longer happy with my current provider,” said Melanie Manuel, general manager of TCI, the joint venture of 3 telcos.

If post-paid, the must be finished.

“You will need to finish your and liabilities with your current service provider. But once you settle all your outstandings or if your contract ends, you can apply to be ported out,” explained Bryan Patrick Lim, for production innovation and capability at Globe.

“As the newest player in the industry, we truly are excited to provide this service to Filipinos wherever they may be. When we entered the industry, it really was to encourage competition and innovation. With the Mobile Number Portability Act, we have broken down barriers and have given the Filipinos the power of convenience to finally switch to their preferred service provider,” said Atty. Adel Tamano, DITO Chief Administrative Officer.

Cellphone number can be retained even if user changes telco

But for those who like unlimited calls, it is no longer possible to be sure if the number to be called is on the same telco because even if the starting number is the same, they can have different telcos.

“By default, the calling subscriber will not know where the called subscriber network is,” said Mario Tamayo, head of technology of PLDT-Smart.

“The initial tests gave us a clearer view of the customer experience when they avail of the MNP, including the experience of customers as they interport to Globe numbers from other networks and vice versa. We learned a lot in the process and we will apply them to make the transition easy and seamless for our customers once the MNP becomes available to all,” said Issa Guevarra-Cabreira, Globe Chief Commercial Officer.

For telcos, they will be forced to adjust the service so that no one leaves and moves to the competitor.

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