Cebu transgender person arrested after naked romp in Kuala Lumpur

Kent Caburnay Acuin from Cebu is pictured walking over a stuck in in the Malaysian capital. The transgender woman is now in custody awaiting trial for obscenity.

A transgender person from Cebu has been slapped with an obscenity charge after a naked romp through a busy road in Kuala Lumpur.

Kent Caburnay Acuin was charged at a magistrates court today (Wednesday, March 20) for “acting indecently and breaching the peace of an individual”.

Footage of the incident, which has gone viral on Malaysian social media, shows Acuin writhing on the road, dancing wildly and climbing onto the roof of a stuck in traffic. [watch below]

The 29-year-old allegedly committed the offence at the nightlife district of Jalan Sultan Ismail at about 10.40am last Wednesday (March 13).

The charge under Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act 1955 carries a maximum fine of 100 ringgits, or about 1,300 pesos, upon conviction.

Acuin, who was not represented in court, pleaded not guilty after the charge was read out in English.

According to a report in the StarOnline, Magistrate Rahni Kartini Abd Karim refused bail and ordered the tourist to be remanded until the next court hearing on April 22.

Transgender debate

The incident has prompted an online debate in Muslim-majority Malaysia about whether Acuin — who was born male but now identifies as a woman — should be referred to as a “transgender man” or “transgender woman”.

On the popular Lowyat chat forum, an internet user called Mushigen proposed a compromise. They wrote: “It depends whether the writer is an optimist or pessimist. In this case, the writer is an optimist because he looks at the top of things instead of the bottom.”

Others suggested that with a fine of only 100 ringgits, such naked rampages could become a popular social media “challenge” for others to emulate.

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