Cebu police asked to step up security in tourism hot-spots

cebu beaches
Cebu Police Asked to Step Up Security in Tourist Spots –

As foreigners and Ceubuanos head to the beach and other resort and summer time getaways, the Cebu Provincial Board has passed two new resolutions aimed and securing the safety of tourist destinations throughout the region.

Provincial Board Member Miguel Magpale said “Tourism industry is one of the vital income-generating industries in the province. The province has been promoting its tourism and by this, to allure the tourists to come to Cebu, we need to give them the security they need.”


The first resolution urged that police and all local government units will be intensified for safety and security reasons against petty crimes targeting tourists.

The second resolution require that each tourist destination and establishment to comply with the necessary sanitary requirements and ensure cleanliness of lavatories, toilets and wash areas.

“We need to offer the best that we have, not just the scenic beaches, but also the quality of services and clean facilities,” Magpale said.


Cebu is considered the largest contributor to the tourism industry in Central Visayas.

The Department of Tourism noted that the region took in a total of 4.5 million domestic and foreign tourists in 2015. Their target this year is is to attack 5.8 million visitors to the greater Cebu area.

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