Cebu Pacific flight forced to return to airport after actress throws a tantrum

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Cebu Pacific Flight Forced to Return to NAIA After Actress Melissa Mendez Throws Tantrum –

To add to some of the odd news at NAIA airport in Manila this week – a Cebu Pacific flight to Pagadian City was forced to return to Terminal Three after actress Melissa Mendez threw a tantrum.

Cebu Pacific issues a statement saying that Flight 5J771 left NAIA at 9.20am – the flight was forced to return back at 10.37 after the pilot made the decision to off-load Melissa Mendez for being ‘unruly.’


Mendez was said to be occupying a seat that belonged to a companion of Volcano Football Player Andrew Wolff’s – the flight attendant told Mendez to go to her seat which she was assigned.

Mendez took her reserved seat but went on a cursing binge directed at Wolff’s companion – attendants aboard flight 5J771 warned Mendez but the actress then hit one of the flight attendants.

Upon returning to NAIA Mendez was offloaded and told she can no longer join the flight because she harmed an attendant.


GMA News reported that Mendez said in an interview that she ‘just asked the passenger if she could take a photo of the sky by the window’ – she went on to say that Wolff’s companion screamed at her and told her to stay away from him because she “has bad breath.”

She concluded her interview by saying she would consult her lawyer and seek the help of the women’s group “Gabriela” about the incident.