Cavite Province invites visitors to enjoy packed month of festivals

Cavite province officials unveiled a giant Christmas Tree at the City Plaza.
General Trias Mayor Antonio Ferrer (fifth from left), Vice Mayor Morit Sison (fourth from left) and city councillors unveiled a giant Christmas Tree at the City Plaza.

Cavite province is hosting three festivals this month, all big draws for returning Caviteños and also visitors wishing to join the fun.

General Trias City’s ‘Valenciana’ runs from today until Saturday (December 12 to 15), Alfonso town’s ‘Sanghiyang’ runs from tomorrow until Saturday, while Kawit town’s ‘Maytinis’ is a long-standing Christmas Eve tradition.


Provincial tourism chief Elinia Imelda Rozelle Sangalang said the festivals were all marked by festivities such as street dancing, float parades and trade fairs.

Sangalang said that Cavite province was the “nearest complete travel destination from Manila, with a rich historical, cultural heritage in the backdrop.” 

Valenciana Festival

General Trias City’s Valenciana Festival this year will also include its third city-hood anniversary and 270th founding anniversary.


The festival features a “cook-fest” for a local version of the classic Spanish dish paella, which features sticky, glutinous rice cooked with chicken, pork and seafood.

Sanghiyang Festival

Meanwhile, the Sanghiyang festival of Alfonso town is held to preserve a local custom that gives the event its name. This is a dance ritual combining folklore, religion and magic. This has long been performed by locals as thanksgiving for bountiful harvests.

Maytinis Festival

Kawit’s Maytinis, on the other hand, is a festive tradition that highlights the journey of Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary in search of an inn for Jesus Christ’s birth. For this reason, the event features a long procession around the town, with many roads closed to traffic for the duration.

As well as these events, visitors can also enjoy the Paskuhan sa Imus, which a month-long Christmas celebration hosted by the city government of Imus. Throughout December, the city is bedecked with thousands of lights and a dazzling array of lanterns. There is also a food fair featuring the best of Cavite’s products, including its famous longganisang Imus.

Cavite province, located in the southern shores of Manila Bay, abounds with historic sites and landmarks and museums.

It also teems with natural resources with unique landscapes, world-class golf courses, outstanding gardens and agricultural tourism sites.

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