Brit who organised naked carabao stunt on Siargao arrested for marijuana

Liam Cox and, inset, one of his guests riding a carabao in the nude earlier this year.

A British man who sparked outrage by organising naked carabao rides on Island has been arrested for marijuana possession.

Liam Cox, aged 32, was among four people caught during a police raid on a suspected ‘drug den’ in General Luna on Saturday (April 7).

Chief Inspector Joel Liong announced the arrests today following the raid led by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Authority. Seized were 500 grams of marijuana with an estimated street value of 185,000 pesos.

Also in custody are Fernando Baguinon Dycueco, 54, Kirby Clet, 30, and Rolf Jingle Oraliza Congreso, 24.

Cox made international headlines in February for organising drunken naked caribou rides on the island.

“I personally filed a case against Cox for grave scandal,” Ch. Insp. Liong said today. “He was the one who organised the naked carabao ride together with other foreign nationals.”

Cox had had been organising the excursions on Siargao for several years but got into trouble when he posted pictures of tourists riding buffaloes in the buff.

After the pictures went viral online and caused a storm of controversy, Cox apologised, saying: “In light of recent events, it has come to our attention that some of the photos from our Carabao Ride that were posted on our social pages caused quite a public stir.

“We sincerely apologise to anyone whose decency and good custom may have been offended.

“The ones we posted were behind-the-scenes photos of a shoot in the mountains with our friend who is an international tattoo model.

“No private parts nor any indecent pose were shown. Rest assured, consent was given by all participants across all angles of this happenstance.

“All photos have now been taken down. Again, we are sorry if you felt slighted.”

The water buffalo, also known as “carabao”, is revered in the Philippines and was declared the national animal by President Aguinaldo.

Cox and the three others now face charges charges for violation of the anti- law, particularly section six, or maintenance of a drug den, section 11 (possession of dangerous drugs) and section 12 (possession of drug paraphernalia).

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