Canine heroes of Duterte’s drug war need loving homes for retirement

canine heroes
Top dog: Icon, a five-year-old male golden retriever, is hogging the limelight so far, with 3,500 likes on his photograph.

CANINE HEROES: After serving on the front-line of President Duterte’s war on drugs, 13 drug sniffing dogs are looking for loving new homes. 

In a Facebook post yesterday (Wednesday, August 8), the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) announced that the canine heroes were up for adoption. The post said: “The following Narcotic Detection Dogs have greatly helped PDEA in executing its duties to rid our country of illegal drugs. 


“These dogs who are now retired, need a family and a forever home where they will be treated as HEROES and simply be dogs.”

The descriptions of the dogs, which range in age from four to 12, are included with each photograph.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for such well-trained animals, in all cases, their ‘temperament/behaviour’ is described as “well behaved”.


All of them, both dogs and bitches, are described as being friendly towards adults, but “not yet assessed if good with children and other pets”.

Nine of the dogs are Belgian Malinois, two are Jack Russell Terriers and there is also one German Shepherd and and one Golden Retriever.

Anybody who thinks they may be able to offer a home to one of the canine heroes should not delay — the PDEA’s Facebook post has already attracted 15,000 likes and 6,600 comments. 

Proving the most popular so far is the Golden Retriever called Icon. The photograph of the fine-looking five-year-old male has attracted 3,500 likes and more than 1,100 comments.

Also attracting a lot of sympathetic attention is 12-year-old male Belgian Malinois Jose, who is described as having a history of kidney problems and arthritis. The PDEA warns that his condition will require regular visits to the vet and medication. Another dog with health problems is Snoopy, a 10-year-old female of the same breed with urinary incontinence.

For further information about giving a home to a hero, PDEA Agent Bernardo Velasquez on 0917-142-3460.

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