Canadian gets six years for paying Filipina mothers to molest daughters

Canadian provincial court Judge Monica McParland handed down a sentence of six years yesterday.

A Canadian has been sentenced to six years in jail for a string of online sex offences against underage Filipinas.

Wayne Douglas Brown, aged 69, was described as a “manipulative and intelligent person who prayed on some of the most vulnerable people in the world bargaining over just a few dollars to sexually exploit them”.


In her ruling yesterday (Tuesday, October 31), provincial court Judge Monica McParland said: “All victims were young, poor, vulnerable teenage girls, all under 18 years located overseas in the Philippines.

“Sometimes he dealt with the child victims themselves and sometimes he communicated with their caregivers.

“In some cases Wayne Brown urged the guardians to sexually touch or interfere with their daughters, all of which was done for the promise of financial payment.


“Many of these victims expressed that they needed the money for food, school registration, school uniforms or medicine.”

Brown was originally charged in September 2016 and has been in custody since August 2017. Although living in Vernon, Vancouver, at the time of the offences, he had been married to a woman in the Philippines for six years. He has four children from a previous relationship.

During an earlier hearing, Crown counsel Frank Caputo told the court: “These are difficult things to read, these are difficult things to hear”.

He described how Brown had paid a woman to molest her own daughter. In another case, he had instructed a mother to make sure her daughter would “stay a virgin” until he arrived in the Philippines. 

The court was also told how Brown haggled with his victims about payment, offering just 1,500 pesos in some cases. He told one victim: “I dropped other girls because they were getting too greedy.”

“I find that the facts of this offence are highly aggravated because Wayne Brown offends against young vulnerable victims in the Third World by preying upon the financial desperation of their mother,” the judge concluded.

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