Police probe fatal shooting of Canadian retiree in Batangas City

Barry Gammon with his wife and son. Police are continuing to investigate the motive for the attack yesterday evening, and suspect it may somehow be related to a dispute over a parking space. Picture via Facebook.

Gunmen shot and killed a Canadian man and wounded his Filipino wife in an attack in Batangas City.

Barry Thomas Gammon, aged 56, and his wife Luzviminda Comia Gammon, 45, were outside their garage at Barangay Tinga Itaas when two gunmen approached and shot them at about 7.45pm yesterday (Sunday, June 24).


They were both taken to the United Doctors of St Camillus Hospital in the city but Mr Gammon died while being treated for multiple bullet wounds. He was declared dead at 8.17pm. His wife was hit by a piece of deformed bullet and sustained bruises on her right thigh.

Mr Gammon had been enjoying his retirement in the Philippines for more than 10 years and had a son with his wife.

City police chief Superintendent Sancho Celedio told the Inquirer that the couple never had any record with the local authorities, except for a recent “dispute” over a parking space near their home.


“That appears, so far, as the only strong possible motive in the attack although we are still investigating it,” he said.

He added that Mrs Gammon could have recognised the gunmen, who escaped on foot after the shooting. Investigators are hoping to interview her as soon as she has sufficiently recovered from her ordeal.

A search of the crime scene where turned up four pieces of live ammunition, three spent cartridge casings and two fired bullets. Investigations continue.

Although police gave his nationality as Canadian, his Facebook timeline strongly suggests that he was in fact from the United States, and quite possibly a veteran of the armed forces. He also makes reference to adult children from a previous marriage currently living in the USA.

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