Canadian convicted of manslaughter refused entry to Philippines

Imad Hermiz was convicted of stabbing a man to death following an altercation at a party in 2005. Later, while of day parole from prison, he was found guilty of smuggling into the facility. He has now been refused entry to the Philippines.

The Bureau of Immigration has barred a 32-year-old Canadian who served time for manslaughter from entering the country.

Port Operations Division chief Grifton Medina said Imad Hermiz, was intercepted on February 12 upon his arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Hermiz was reportedly unable to explain his reason for visiting the Philippines. He also unable to provide any details of his travel plans or where he was intending to stay.

“He seemed very suspicious, as he claimed that he will attend a religious activity in Davao City, but could not provide details for said visit. Inconsistencies in his statements were very apparent,” Medina said in a statement today (Friday, February 22).

Hermiz was excluded for being a public charge and deemed as possible threat to public security, the BI statement added.

The Canadian pleaded guilty to manslaughter before a Canadian court in February 2007 after admitting he stabbed to death a fellow Canadian at a Toronto hotel on March 2005 during a party. 

Hermiz was released on day-release parole but this privilege was revoked after authorities learned that he was involved in smuggling illegal drugs into the prison. He allegedly threatened a prisoner’s wife if she refused to carry a package to her husband, who was not involved in the scheme. 

The BI has also placed the Canadian on the blacklist of “undesirable aliens” to prevent him from returning to the Philippines. 

It is not just serious criminal records that can lead to foreigners being refused entry into the Philippines. Last year, 133 visitors were turned away for being rude to immigration staff.

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