Canada gives 163 million pesos for women and children in Camarines Sur

Calabanga, Camarines Sur, Canada hands over, Canada gives P163 million
Canada Hands Over P163 Million to Camarines Sur –

The Canadian government has handed over 163 million pesos to poor towns throughout Camarines Sur to address the inadequate health and nutritional needs of thousands of women and children in the region.

Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines, Neil Reeder, told reports the grant is aimed to reduce stunting and maternal mortality in hard-to-reach places in Camarines Sur.

The project, dubbed Enhance Mother, Newborn and Child health in Remote Areas through Health Care and Community Engagement, also known as “EMBRACE,” is an initiative by the Canadian government to the Philippines.

Ambassador Reeder recently visited the area and helped the project which received the $4.8 million (Canadian dollars).

The project is said to assist 4,200 households in the towns of Garchitorena, San Jose, Presentacion and Calabanga.