Canada donates 20 million pesos for Mindanao conflict victims


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Canada is giving $500,000 Canadian dollars, about 20 million pesos, in humanitarian to assist those affected by conflict in Mindanao.

The Canadian Ambassador to Manila, Neil Reeder said the funding would be channelled to the International Committee of the Red Cross. The Red Cross will address the humanitarian needs of thousands who live in, on or near, the affected of Mindanao.

“Canada has committed to scaling up interventions that will have the greatest impact, focusing in the areas of strengthening systems, improving nutrition, and reducing the burden of leading diseases,” Ambassador Reeder said.

“The contribution…builds on this engagement by supporting efforts to improve the and well being of those in greatest need in the conflict-affected areas of Mindanao,” he added.

Canada is supporting the Red Cross operations in Mindanao by providing various needs including seeds, tools and fishing equipments to help improve the livelihoods of nearly 60,000 people. Other noted objectives used with the money will be rehabilitating water and sanitation facilities at the community level – that alone will directly assist some 6,000 people.

Another odd but unique aspect is to assist those that are being detained in prisons, including medical and surgical supplies to prisons and hospitals. Overall more than 84,000 people will be supplied food and meaningful supplies – distributed in and around the conflict area.