Pristine Calayan Island, off the north coast of Luzon, opens its first airport

Calayan Island
Main picture of the new airport courtesy of Owen Benigno Mallabo. Inset: Some of the island’s spectacular coastline, and its location in the north of the country.

A pristine island off the north coast of Luzon is set to become more accessible with the opening of a new airport. The landing strip on Calayan Island, in Cagayan province, was officially opened today (Wednesday, March 27).

The inauguration of the 241-million peso airport has been described as “a dream come” true for locals, who had previously relied on sea transport through some often rough waters.

It has not yet been confirmed which air carriers will provide flights to the new facility.

In an interview with Rappler, island Mayor Alfonso Llopis said the new airport would boost help tourism and the economy.

Calayan — part of the Babuyan Island Group — is a place of pristine white beaches and coves, water falls, hills overlooking the blue-green sea, caves, underground water and stunning rock formations. Due to its altitude and sea breezes, it enjoys a pleasant, mild climate.


What to Do on Calayan Island according to the Lakwatsero travel website:

  • Laze in the beautiful beaches of Sibang Cove, Caniwara Beach, Cababaan Beach, Bassit Cadaratan and the beaches of Dibay and Dilam in northern coast of Calayan Island
  • See the sunrise or the sunset at Nagudungan Hill or Bangaan Hill
  • Charter a boat to take you to Bataraw Falls, Kanaway Cave and Lussok Cave
  • Cliff jump in Lussok or Magsidel
  • Visit Malansing Falls and Cove, Kasaluran Cove and Purao Cove
  • Trek to Caanawan Falls, Cabudadan Falls or Salaminan Falls
  • Go Humpback Whale watching
  • Snorkeling, scuba diving and free diving (bring your own equipment and gear)
  • See the the endemic Calayan Rail at wildlife sanctuary
  • Visit the other main islands of Babuyan Group: Babuyan Claro, Dalupiri and Fuga, Camiguin
  • Trek Smith Volcano of Babuyan Claro

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